They say “Exceptional Performance of CHL electrical forklift”

        Early in the morning, when the sun is just above the horizon, a local dealer which is located in South America starts its busy workday with CHL electrical equipment. "We are building customer story through CHL brand here”, says the service manager that is dedicated to forklift rental business there.

        “We are very happy with the performance shown by CHL brand forklift truck, since we have managed to serve customers with new equipment, and their efficiency is exceptional. ”

        They began to introduce CHL forklift about 3 years ago. Within just a short time, they had converted their equipment to CHL forklift. Now they are going to test CHL new Lithium battery products.

        Why does CHL dealer say that?

        Forklifts sever the needs of various industries, CHL local dealer chooses the forklift according to what the application end customers use for. If you need to use it indoors or ask for lower noise, then CHL electric forklift can be your right move.

        CHL electric forklift has super low torque steering unit and makes steering light and easy, which supplies a comfortable operating system for the driver to work all day long, easy-control shift and automatic deceleration to assure the operator’s safety. Not only that, professional maintenance instructions and after-sales service will strongly support dealers and end customers.

        CHL electrical forklifts save energy and enlarge efficiency, which helps dealers and end customers better to manage the cost, while still satisfying working requirement.

        “We had a very good acceptance of this brand compared to some others, and we haven’t had any problem”.